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The people we work with say that we really get it. Our background in family business and entrepreneurship means that we see things from your point of view. And they're pleased that our process adapts so well to their particular needs.


Diversity is a key part of our practice. We work with clients and family business advisors of many backgrounds, both in Canada and internationally. Our work in this area includes:

  • Cross-cultural collaboration (between family business advisors)

  • Helping families embrace their own diversity (including sexual orientation and inter-cultural partnerships)

  • Honouring cultures (helping families balance their values in a global community)

"Jennifer is very passionate about her work. She begins with a genuine compassion for people and the challenges they face in their personal, family and business lives. She adds to that her keen listening skills, her personal warmth and her fierce determination to stay the course and the result is a truly inspired and compelling advocate who generates great respect and loyalty in the people whose lives she touches.
Her reflections and assessments are balanced, pragmatic and insightful. She faces situations head on and handles them assertively and yet with a style that is collegial and embracing. These skills serve her well both as a trusted family advisor, balancing the goals and needs of multi-generational family enterprises, as well as working collaboratively with other professionals, whether in an organizational setting or working with families.
Jennifer's style and perceptiveness are such that she feels equally at home dealing with her generational peers as she does with people that are decades senior to her. It is how she feels and how she is perceived.
Jennifer's success in reaching out to multi-generational families of wealth has allowed her to influence their world views, their sense of social responsibility and philanthropic behaviour."

David H. Shlagbaum
Robins Appleby & Taub LLP
Toronto, Canada

"Jennifer East has through her sensitivity shown great ability in handling the hard issues that face families who are dealing with multi-cultural issues, and those who are struggling with non-traditional family situations. Her individual approach and unique understanding allows her to feel the needs and help them find better answers to their own dilemmas."

René Werner
Werner & Associados
São Paulo, Brazil

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Jennifer East. Jennifer assisted the Marzilli family in developing a succession plan and in determing the future of our family business, while at the same time addressing each of the family members' responsibilites and scope within the business. During that time, I had taken a year and a half off work to be home with my children, and was just beginning to enter the family business again. Jennifer assisted in making the transition back into the family business, both personally and professionally, much easier. The manner in which she facilitated the conversations between the family members and the manner in which she challenged me personally were great experiences.
Jennifer also has a wonderful network of businesses that we have come to meet with and used in other areas of our business. She offers an overall family business network that is all encompassing."

Natalie Papia
Zilli Home Interiors
Woodbridge, Canada

"I met Jennifer at one of her workshops, and was impressed by her down to earth style. Her background in family business and with family situations gives her a perspective which others in her field don't have. Over the period of time we have been working together, she has helped me both qualify and quantify where I should be focusing my attention as I grow two businesses at the same time."

Business Founder
Montreal, Canada

Our Clients: Testimonials
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